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August, 2011
A New Video!

We made a Video for Wake Up Beautiful! Conceived, shot and edited entirely by the band! check it out on our video page here or on facebook!

June, 2011

Photos by Otto Yamamoto

June, 2011
Summer! At Last!
We are looking forward to some Summer Shows! Come and Rock with us at Hank's on June 25th and The Bell House on July 8th!

April, 2011
What a Show!
At Warsaw Opening for The Dead Milkmen
What an Incredible Show! We had such a wonderful time with all of you- thanks to the Dead Milkmen, Scenic, Warsaw and the Party Photographers for Sharing The Love. You All Made it GREAT.

for more photos see here.

April, 2011
Check out The Deli Review!
The Pioneers of Seduction
land April residency at Fontana's

The Pioneers of Seduction sure have a sense of humor - but also some (truly) kick ass punky tunes played with flair (which is as important as the kick ass part...). Some songs make us think of a less compromising, MUCH dirtier version of The Strokes, with a guitar sound reminiscent of early Foo Fighters (without slipping in the neo-grunge trap), while others like "Kurash" come across more like exercises in reinventing punk-rock. We are particularly enjoying "I want to wake up beautiful" (another witty title!), with its tense verse in spoken word and even tenser one note chorus. Minimalistic, but effective, like all the best punk tunes. Their record (produced by Steve Albini) sounds just right. You may want to check these guys out at Fontana's in the LES - they'll have a residency there in April on Wednesdays, for dates see here.
P.S. I know Steve, I said you produced the record, and you hate that, because with false modesty you like to say that you are just an engineer... well, you produced this, liar!

April, 2011
April "Show"ers
Boy are we ready for spring- you?
Wait- that happened already? right.
We are expressing our denial through shows. We plan to play our asses off to distract ourselves until the lilacs bloom.
Join us April 6th with Lycaon Pictus at Fontana's,
Saturday the 9th at Warsaw with The Dead Milkmen!!

our April Fontana's Residency Continues on April 13th with The Knuckle Children and ends April 20th with Cinema Cinema.
It's gonna be a hell of a month.

March, 2011
In Like A Lion
March says "I could be Spring, or I could really Screw You" It Says "Drink Up on Tuesday, for on Wednesday it's all over 'til the bunny shits jelly beans, honey." It's a month of potential and building up to the big stuff. Which for us is truly true. April's gonna blow you away with Seduction.
We have a residency planned at Fontana's the first three Wednesdays, and across the stream in Greenpoint, a show at Warsaw with one of our favorite bands. Hell. Yeah.

March, 2011
Well That Was Fun!

February, 2011
A Video We Made for The Local 269 show: MARCH FORTH!
check out the facebook event page

It's going to be an excellent night of Punk Rock! Brunch of The Living Dead, Ff and FuturEx will be there too! Thanks to Mary From FuturEx for the fab poster. For those of you who remember a slightly older LES, we're pretty sure Local 269 used to be Meow Mix.
Anyhoo- took a little "Creative License" with the Video (sorry for the ficticious early demise of the Mars Bar- may it continue to stave off the onslaught of the cracker box condominium) enjoy!

February, 2011
A Moment at Hank's

Many Thanks to Mary Lopez for capturing my shining rock and roll moment on my knees at Hanks.
I have many early rock ancestors to thank for this ridiculously hardcore move.
p.s. ask me about all the Grolsch I'm drinkin' now! (Thanks Dean Rispler!!)
My current nod is to Marshall Lytle of The Comets. Rocking the big fiddle for 60 years!

February, 2011
Our Show at Hanks!
We'd like to shout about the show we played last night at Hank's Saloon! Battle For Wyoming, Devil's Broadcast and Mindsteps snuck us on the bill at the last minute and we had such a great time!!! email us if anyone got pictures from that show!

January, 2011
Thanks WMBR!!
We recently heard awesome rumors that WMBR in Boston has been playing our record in heavy rotation! Check out their link and reward their good behavior! The Best Radio Station in Boston!

December, 2010
Hello Japan!

Independant Radio Japan, Saturday Evening Cool in 17 minutes is playing The Pioneers! Independence is Bliss!

October, 2010
Ola's Kool Kitchen in the UK has been playing songs from The Universe Is Setting Us Up!
It's a must listen podcast, and a brave new world, where radio is great again! Hooray for the new world!

August, 2010
Photo Shoot with Scott Irvine
We got an incredible opportunity to shoot with the amazing Scott Irvine. We've uploaded some of the sepia toned dark magic shots on the site here for your enjoyment! Be sure to check out his new book which will blow your mind at the same time as it will eat itself.

July 14th, 2010 - Wednesday
CD Review by
The Pioneers of Seduction
The Universe Is Setting Us Up
Just the other day, I said something about how the universe is clearly controlling a certain aspect of my life. Like, no matter what kind of authority I tried to exert over this thing, it simply wasn’t meant to be unflappable, and in fact, will just spin on into the future always with a fair amount of warbling disorientation. Like a drunk. And so, I figured the only answer left to such a quandary was to just go ‘head and blame the universe. It must have its forces and/or reasons, and the sooner I can relinquish anymore responsibility for it the better. Right? I mean, are the Pioneers of Seduction right? Is the universe setting us up? Setting us up for what exactly? Are we only being seduced into an end game of ultimate disappointment? Defeat? Perpetual disillusionment and confusion? Wait a minute, who the hell are these guys anyway? Well, they’re a new three-piece from Brooklyn that formed about a year ago—Max Low on vocals and guitar, Avispa on bass guitar, and Ian K. on the drums. The crazy thing about that is, based upon the songs they came up with for their debut record, they realized that only one guy was going to put down these songs, and that guy was Steve Albini. So they booked a trip to Chicago and four days later emerged with The Universe Is Setting Us Up. Already, I’m liking the commitment to their cause. It also gives you a pretty good idea about what to expect from their sound. At the moment, when we think about “bands from Brooklyn,” a certain aesthetic comes to mind: We think the Dirty Projectors, Grizzly Bear, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Yeasayer, TV on the Radio, and a whole slew of other bands setting out to secure their own mix of something weird, beautiful, and independent. Which is fine, but I don’t think that’s the Pioneers of Seduction at all, even if the first song off of The Universe Is Setting Us Up is “I Want to Wake Up Beautiful.” Perhaps this song is a sort of mirror statement of what they see all around them? Or maybe not. Maybe they just want to wake up looking good. I do. Most people don’t walk around saying, “I want to wake up looking like death warmed over… oh yeah.” Anyway, what we get with this band’s debut record is straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll with a punk frame of mind. Fuzzy guitars. Noise. Steady drumming. Darkened bass lines. It sounds pure and full of energy, and in certain moments even quite imaginative. Unrelenting over the course of 14 tracks, their sound stands more to carry the torch of a certain tradition of stripped-down rock music as opposed to whatever glossed-up, trendy thing is of the moment. “Pummel” (verb) is a word that keeps coming to mind as I work through the record, although they haven’t sacrificed good song structure just to hand out a good beating either. Track five, “The Sun Won’t Touch Me No More”, is a good example of how the record can still maintain its moxie while playing with the speed of the song’s delivery. In fact, the more I listen to the record, the more I’m appreciating their knack for the much-needed breakdown, such as you’ll find in “Bangalore Torpedo.” Honestly, they do remind me of some other band, or bands, but for the life of me I can’t put my finger on it, and I kind of like playing that little game. Their bio says they’ve been influenced by the Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age, the Jesus Lizard, Big Black, and, somewhat incongruously, Jim Carroll. And yeah, you can hear all of these things in there, but I must say it doesn’t really mean they’re cribbing these sounds either. So mysterious! And really, a sign that they are playing it from the heart. If there’s anything bad to say about the record, it’s that on the first few listens it can come across as a bit same-y. But with time, the nuances that really shape their vision begin to emerge. That being said, The Universe Is Setting Us Up is the kind of record that instantly makes me want to get out and see the band live, which is ultimately what any good rock record should do. As for whether we’re being set up or not… well, neither me nor the band are fucking physicists, so that’ll have to remain between you and the universe. // Jocelyn Hoppa // permalink

June, 2010
We shot a video for Small Antennae!
Bowery Pictures and Sonenberg Entertainment dropped by our studio with a bunch of gear and and an amazing crew with a great vision and even better energy! We built a shooting space in our studio and all crammed in. Check out the finished product on our video page!

May, 2010
We had a kick ass road trip to Boston, played 2 amazing shows at O'Brien's with our friends Cult .45 and All Asia with our friends Whitey. Thanks Todd for letting us crash at your pad! Ooh, and making us breakfast!! Amazing!

May 2010 - Saturday
CD Release at Glasslands, May 21st
We released our debut CD The Universe Is Setting Us Up on Friday, May 21st at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY. It was such a great show- thanks to everyone who came out and took pictures and showed support!

April 20, 2010 - Tuesday
Worcester Magazine Interview
When Brooklyn’s Pioneers of Seduction loaded into my iTunes, I was wooed quick, fast and hard. My middle-aged ear suddenly harked back to my 20s, when the word “alternative” was more than just a catch phrase. With a sound that is intelligent and stripped to its punk rock bones, this trio will offer a refreshing musical reality check when they hit Ralph’s Chadwick Diner on Feb. 19.
The band was birthed back in June of ’09 when vocalist/guitarist/synth stylist Max Low challenged himself to craft one song a night for a month. Low and musical compatriot Avispa (bass) spontaneously jammed a few of Low’s songs at a mutual friend’s wedding after-party, and invited another guest, Ian K. to join on drums. What happened next was pure serendipity. “The reaction to Max’s new songs was so great, we knew we had to put the band together,” says Avispa.
With a five-song EP out now, and a full-length album, The Universe Is Setting Us Up due in April, the charmed group scored Steve Albini to get behind the engineering panel and managed to record and mix the album in only four days. As Avispa explains, “After hearing Max’s demos and rehearsing them in earnest, we knew this was going to be an amazing band and we knew we needed someone with balls to help us record it with the energy it required. Every time we listened to a CD we liked, we’d flip it over and Steve Albini’s name was on the back. There was never really another choice.” With songs that are electrically charged by Ina’s frenetic pacing, Low’s fuzzy guitar and witty lyrics along with Avispa’s funky bass lines, their stripped-down rock is refreshing, as is their creative process. “I write and record the Pioneers songs on a very inexpensive cassette machine,” Low says. With only four tracks to work with, the process demands that songs click with only three instruments and a voice. “I want the songwriting to be a natural process because sometimes too many options can impede creativity,” says Low. “I like to write fast. A song is usually finished in an hour or two. After that Ian and Avispa tell me what songs they like and then we develop those ideas together.”
So what are the goals of the band as it ventures out of New York and into New England this month? “World domination, obviously. And of course, a Cosmo photo spread with Scott Brown,” quips Avispa. “We want to play as much as possible, and ideally get to tour Europe,” Ian says. “We see the music industry changing before our eyes, and we hope to be part of a brave new world of music.”
Low gets serious and says, “I’m currently writing songs for the next record, which we hope to record by the end of the year.”

Worcester Magazine // Doreen Manning // Show at Ralph's Diner // permalink
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